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Fairuz MP3

Fairuz Songs - Complete List
Artist:  Fairuz
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Oum Kalthoum MP3

Oum Kalthoum Songs - Complete List
Artist:  Oum Kalthoum
Item #:  02CC1000206

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Abdel Halim Hafez MP3

Abdel Halim Hafez Songs - Complete List
Artist:  Abdel Halim Hafez
Item #:  02CC1000019

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Warda MP3

Warda Songs - Complete List
Artist:  Warda
Item #:  02CC1000325

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MAQAM® Information Center   -   Please select your language:
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MAQAM® Information Center

MAQAM®, a 3B Media Inc. Company, is a US based company specializing in the music, films, and instruments of the Middle East, North Africa, Mediterranean, and India.

Our online retail division,, carries thousands of authentic and original titles, most of which are imports. Our goal is to provide access to original, high quality products from the countries of the Middle East; thus, our online-only store offers very low prices on purchases of imports.

Our online digital division,, carries thousands of songs, available at true CD quality, DRM-free (Digital Rights Management), studio-mastered, and digitized to maintain both the original uniqueness of the recording as well as the highest sound quality possible. Our MP3 songs are compatible with any MP3 player, phone, media player or other device. MAQAM® MP3 sets music lovers FREE!

The MAQAM® offices and global fulfillment center are located in Chicago.

Please note the global fulfillment center is not open to the public. Being exclusively online, with no showrooms or retail stores, allows us to keep prices low and provide the widest possible access to our customers worldwide.

To purchase physical products (CDs, DVDs, instruments, etc.) you may do so directly at To purchase digital products (albums and MP3 songs) you may do so directly at Physical and digital products cannot be purchased in the same shopping cart.


MP3 Quality

The songs on MAQAM® MP3 are studio-mastered and encoded using a constant bit rate of at least 320 KB for the highest sound quality possible. This allows us to preserve the original sound quality while providing the highest standard in digital music.

Most commercial digital music services use computer encoding that eliminates pieces of the music that the software decides are not important in favor of pre-determined smaller file sizes. For example, the software may determine that the violin track layer of the song is unimportant and thus remove it. Other services use variable encoding in which, again, software decides which pieces of the music are important and which are not (based on programmed specifications) to provide songs with a pre-determined file size. For example, the software may determine that the beginning of the song is more "important" and thus keep more of the sound layers at the start and sacrifice the sound layers in the middle or at the end of the song. In both cases, the end result is nothing like the original music or what the artists intended when recording their songs.

MAQAM® MP3 songs are studio-mastered and encoded using a constant bit rate, meaning the songs you buy retain all of their original components (all instruments, arrangements, vocals, etc.) and are exactly how the music was originally recorded. This does mean that the songs do not adhere to a pre-determined file size and are in general larger files; however our goal is to preserve and provide the original music, not a computer-generated facsimile.

MAQAM® MP3 songs are also DRM-free so you are free to use the music any way you want (within the acceptable uses as defined by the Terms of Use – Please see USE OF MUSIC FROM MAQAM® MP3 for more details). Digital Rights Management (DRM) software is a technology designed to restrict how the music can be downloaded, played, accessed, etc. DRM-free means that songs from MAQAM® MP3 do not have any such restrictive software.

Please keep in mind that many of our recordings are historical records and may have what today might be termed as minor sound "imperfections". However, these variations are part of the history of the music and the golden era of achievements in art, music, and performance. Arabic and Middle Eastern music is our culture, our history, and our heritage so preserving the music and providing it to music lovers worldwide at the highest quality possible is both a mission and a duty.

MP3 Size & Download

To provide the music in the highest quality possible, the file sizes are larger than a typical commercial music download service. The average five (5) minute song is 10-12 MB and using a high speed internet connection (such as cable modem or a typical broadband connection) can be downloaded in approximately 30-45 seconds. Using a low speed internet connection, the same download may take up to twenty to thirty (20-30) minutes.

Many classic songs are much longer and thus require longer download times as well as larger storage space on your computer or portable device. The average forty-five (45) minute classic song (such as an Oum Kalthoum song) is 90-100 MB and using a high speed internet connection (such as cable modem or a typical broadband connection) can be downloaded in approximately four (4) minutes.

We do not recommend using MAQAM® MP3 if you are using a low speed, dial-up internet service.

Once a song download has been completed, it may not be downloaded again. If you experience an issue during download, you will have one (1) more opportunity to complete the download within twenty-four (24) hours.

Technical Specifications

MAQAM® MP3 is compatible with any computer, any operating system, and any Web browser capable of downloading files from the internet. We always recommend, for security and the best possible experience, to upgrade your browser to the latest version (for example IE 8, Firefox 3.5.2, or Chrome 2.0) and ensure that your computer has the latest Adobe Flash player (available free here) and Adobe Reader (available free here).


Upon your purchase of MP3 files, you must strictly comply with the Terms of Service as agreed during the registration and checkout processes. The files you download are strictly for your personal use and you may use, copy, store, transfer and burn the MP3 songs only for your personal, non-commercial, non-public, entertainment use, according to the Terms of Use.

Please help us protect your favorite artists' work by not participating in unauthorized and unlawful duplication of copyrighted materials. Remember that uploading music, videos, images, and other materials to web sites, message boards, social networking sites, peer-to-peer networks, and otherwise sharing music or videos publicly is a violation of applicable laws, and harms the artists' protection of their materials.

Show that you not only love the artist, but also respect their work. Together we can make a difference.

One world. One music. MAQAM®.

Please note that we will, on behalf of all of our artists, enforce the Terms of Use and ensure the protection of the music to the maximum extent allowed by law. As laws have caught up with technology, intentionally sharing, uploading, streaming, broadcasting, copying, or otherwise using copyrighted music without permission is now a criminal offense with severe consequences.


To find a complete listing of all the artists currently in our catalog, click on "Artists" in the top navigation bar to see an alphabetical list of all artists, or click on "Country" for a list by Country. To find all tracks by a specific artist (including any songs or tracks on compilations), type the name of the artist (exactly as it is typed in the alphabetical order list) in the Search box on the right side of every page.

If the artist you are looking for is not in our alphabetic list or if you are looking for a song with a certain word in the title, search on that artist name/word. For example, if you search on the word FAIRUZ (type the word into the search box on the right side of each page), you will get all the items whose artist name includes Fairuz and also all the items that have Fairuz in the track name and/or description.

All items on are priced in MAQAM® Points.

MAQAM® Points

You may purchase MAQAM® Points in the denominations shown below. Buy more and save: When purchasing 2000 or more MAQAM® Points you will receive FREE bonus points as follows:

400 MAQAM® Points = $10
800 MAQAM® Points = $20
1200 MAQAM® Points = $30
2000 MAQAM® Points = $50 + 100 FREE BONUS Points – TOTAL = 2100 MAQAM® Points
3000 MAQAM® Points = $75 + 300 FREE BONUS Points – TOTAL = 3300 MAQAM® Points
4000 MAQAM® Points = $100 + 600 FREE BONUS Points – TOTAL = 4600 MAQAM® Points

These prices are given in $USD (US dollars). We do not provide pricing in any other currency.

Points expire after one year and cannot be refunded or reactivated for any reason whatsoever.

New point purchases extend current point expiration and continue to keep all of your points active in your account.  For example, if you purchased 1200 points on October 1, 2010, and after completing your downloads, you still have a balance of 100 points in your account.  The 100 points will expire after one year (on October 1, 2011) unless you make a new points purchase.  If you buy, for example, 400 points before October 1, 2011, then the entire balance of 500 points (400 new points + 100 balance points) is now active through October 1, 2012.  By purchasing new points at least once a year, all of your points remain active and available to use for music downloads. 

Once submitted, orders cannot be canceled or changed in any way.

All major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover) are accepted. Our site is guaranteed secure (see Security Section for full details).

Please enter your billing information carefully. Your billing address is the address where you receive your credit card statements and it must match the address your credit card issuer has on file and where your billing statements are sent, or the transaction will automatically be declined.
Credit Card Identification Number

A credit card Identification Number is an added safeguard for your credit card purchases. Depending on the type of credit card you use, it is the 3- or 4-digit number printed on the back or front of your credit card. For credit card purchases from MAQAM®, the Identification Number is required information.


American Express
Your identification number is the 4-digit number found on the far right on the front of your credit card.

Your identification number is the 3-digit number found on the back of your credit card near the signature panel.


Your identification number is the 3-digit number found on the back of your credit card near the signature panel.
Discover Card
Your identification number is the 3-digit number found on the back of your credit card near the signature panel.

To purchase songs from MAQAM® MP3 you must be a registered user. Once you have logged into your MAQAM® MP3 Account (or created a new one), you may browse our extensive selection of Arabic music songs:

  1. You may listen to sound samples of every track by simply clicking on the symbol before you purchase.
  2. Once you have made your selection, check the box next to the song title(s) you wish to purchase and then click Add to Cart.
  3. When you are ready to complete your purchase, click on Checkout Now. At any time you may View Cart or Checkout by clicking on the appropriate symbol in the top-right corner of every page.
  4. If you have not yet purchased MAQAM® Points, you may do so as is explained in the PAYMENT OPTIONS section above. Once you have enough MAQAM® Points to cover your purchase, check the appropriate MAQAM® User Agreement box (please note: You must agree to the Terms of Use in order to purchase any songs from MAQAM® MP3), and then click Place My Order.
  5. Once the order is successfully processed, you will receive an Order Receipt which includes details about your purchase as well as a clearly labeled link to Download your song(s).
  6. Click on the symbol to begin the download, then click Save in the dialogue box and choose the location on your computer or device where you would like to save your song(s).
    • VERY IMPORTANT: Do not close your browser, click "back", or navigate away from the Order Receipt page until your download(s) is complete.
    • For multiple song orders, we strongly recommend you download the files one at a time. Please remember these are studio-quality songs and the larger files require more bandwidth.
  7. If you experience technical difficulties during the download, you will have one (1) more opportunity to complete the download within twenty-four (24) hours.
  8. Be sure to Logout of your MAQAM® MP3 Account once you are done to keep your account secure.

Please Note: We are not responsible for technical difficulties due to power interruptions, internet connectivity issues, software or hardware issues on your computer/laptop/device, or any other end-user technical malfunctions. Under no circumstances will purchases be canceled, refunded, changed, or extended. All purchases on MAQAM® MP3 are as is and are subject to the Conditions of Use, Terms of Use, and all other web site policies (as they are amended from time to time).


Downloads can not be returned, exchanged, or canceled for any reasons whatsoever. If you need assistance with a download, please see the DOWNLOAD INSTRUCTIONS section.


All transactions on and are guaranteed to be secure. We use the industry standard encryption protocol known as Secure Socket Layer (SSL) to keep your order information secure.

We have established a Secure Shopping Guarantee for every transaction that you make with both and Should any unauthorized charges appear on your credit card as a result of shopping with MAQAM®, you must notify your credit card provider in accordance with its reporting rules and procedures.

We will cover the liability of purchases made through this web site only if the unauthorized use of your credit card resulted through no fault of your own. If your bank holds you responsible for fraudulent charges, we will cover your liability up to $50.00.

MAQAM® has strict policies and procedures designed to protect your privacy and security. Your personal information is never shared with other companies. Materials with identifying information are completely shredded before being discarded. All customer information is housed in a secure, isolated, and dedicated location (both electronically and physically) with limited access.


We do not send any unsolicited emails. Your email address will not be given or sold to any other party or company for any use whatsoever.
All MAQAM® Club emails are CAN SPAM compliant and you may unsubscribe at any time by clicking on the appropriate link at the bottom of the email newsletter.

We never share our customers' information with any other party. Unlike many other sites, we don't sell or share our customer information with concert promoters, event planners, marketing companies, etc.

Please see our Privacy Policy for additional information.


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