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Hani Shaker Songs - Complete List
Other products by Hani Shaker

Song Title Time Price
1.Ahla El Zikrayat     4:50 40 points
2.Ahlam Bemeen Ghayrak     4:21 40 points
3.Albi Leek (Hani Shaker and Sherine Abdel Wahab)     3:06 40 points
4.Allemni Asbab El Farah     4:34 40 points
5.Baadak Maleesh     4:54 40 points
6.El Ekhlass     4:24 40 points
7.Hikayat El Dounia     4:35 40 points
8.Kulli Haga     5:09 40 points
9.Lamset Edayky     4:30 40 points
10.Lao Khayyaruni     5:18 40 points
11.Mugarrad Wa’t     5:17 40 points
12.Sa’eb Giddan     6:37 40 points
13.Sab’ Ayyam     3:55 40 points
14.Ya Layli Ya Layl     4:05 40 points
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The songs of romantic Egyptian pop star Hani Shaker, Arabic pop songs, Arabic love songs and Arabic music mp3 from MAQAM!


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